While getting a inner thigh massage and you start getting a erection should the massage therapist stop or what

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while reciving one i started to get an erection, instead of stoping or moving to another spot she just went faster. is that normel?




  1. I am a practicing massage therapist. I have had my clinic for over 23 years and have over 2000 patints on my computer. I have never encountered this situation. You are either going for massage for the wrong reason,  or have gone to a massage parlor instead of a medical therapist. I suggest wearing your breifs. There is no reason not to unless you have other things on your mind

  2. does that cost extra?

  3. It's normal that you get an erection when the therapist massages your inner thighs but she should not keep massaging the inner thighs further as you may probably ejaculate. In my experience in massaging for men, I would only massage slightly above the knees and just the quadriceps as I know how sensitive the inner thighs could be because of the external organ. But as I've mentioned, it's perfectly normal to experience an erection when massaging the inner thighs.

  4. It appears that the massage therapist was embarassed and didn't know how to respond properly and politely.  I have had clients compliment me on my technique, but I politely and firmly tell them that I just give a good massage, thank you for the compliment, please tell you friends and laugh it off.  

    Please understand that the client is probably embarrassed also since he has no control over this purely natural bodily function.  Ignoring that area and only focusing on the quads means you will be ignoring many major muscles and is not good practice for a massage therapist

    As a massage therapist, we are taught that massage pushes the blood and lymph through the body towards the heart.  It makes sense that blood backs up in the groin area, especially if lymph nodes are blocked for whatever reason.  I was taught to carry an extra hand towel draped over my shoulder.  After properly draping the leg and thigh, you casually toss the hand towel onto the groin area while you begin your massage.  This gives the client more privacy than a thin sheet and time to come back to reality.  If I notice that an erection is starting, I do two things:  go slower and much, much deeper, often finding a trigger point.  That usually takes care of the issue.

    Wearing briefs during a massage means that I cannot properly massage major muscles of the body that attach to the low back and spinal areas.  Yes, you may wear your briefs, but also realize that you will be minimizing the effectivness of your massage.  I feel that Michael is incorrect in claiming that you must have something else on your mind if you have a massage naked.  That type of thinking is unprofessional and continues the stereotype of massage being only available for two purposes:  pain or (illegal) pleasure.

  5. Do you have the phone number of this massage therapist?

  6. I think to save both of you being uncomforable she should have moved to another area.

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