CRAZY DREAM Two people same dream same night!!??

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My friends sister Jane had a dream that she was sitting on a bench with her 4 year old daughter. Jane was holding a baby. All Jane said in the dream was to the baby and she said "oh your so little" in the morning her daughter woke up and said "mommy i had a dream about and you were sitting ona bench and you were holding a baby" and Jane asked her what did I say in the dream and the daughter said "you only said "your so little".

Isn't that nuts!!!

any one know what that could mean or how that even happends?




  1. Tell them both to check the back of their jackets for bullet holes? whooaerrrhahahhahah*cackles madly*

  2. hey you should go talk to a dream doctor, he can help you and tell you.

  3. Wow, Thats amazing!

  4. Hmmm, funny, this happened to me when I was back in high school, a friend of mine and I had about the same dream, we were both in a junkyard, standing on a big truck tire and peeing inside it...

    And yes, it is very weird

  5. Haha Crazy Stuff.

  6. they have a dream link because your dreams are heaven(in rev. it ses they will beforced out of heaven for judgent)

  7. Yes it can and does happen.  Sorry, I've heard various reasons of why, but I figure it simply happens sometimes.

    In dreams a baby isn't always a baby in awake time.  It could be something like a new beginning, and that can relate to all kinds of aspects of life.  Something that your friend and her daughter may be getting ready to start together.

  8. wow thats weird maybe shes going to have a baby

  9. Miracle of Nature.

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