Anyone else having dreams about two moons?

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my daughter and i and another friend of ours have been having dreams where the earth has not one but two moons. it is very futuristic.




  1. The judgment day is close & the moon became two half.

  2. To see the moon in your dream, represents something hidden, mystery and the feminine aspect of your self. In particular, a full moon signifies completion, whereas a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. To dream that the moon in odd in any way, signifies infidelity of your lover and disappointments in business. To see the eclipse of the moon in your dream, signifies that your feminine side is being overshadowed. It also foretells of illness of someone near you. To see the crescent moon in your dream, indicates cyclic changes, renewal, and movement. You are progressing smoothly toward your life path.

  3. So, apparently The Moon in ancient history is closely tied with the spiritual or religious experiences of a culture, each culture keeping to the clock of the monthly lunar cycle.

    So, i hope that helps.

    Also read that it represents water.

  4. If you have told the two moon dream to these other people, they are thinking about it to- thus why they are also experiencing the dream.

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