Strange dreams part two?

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I also had another dream I was witnessing in. It was the end of the world, fire balls were shooting across the sky, people were dying, and others were running around. And I was running around witnessing to people, trying to get to as many people as I could.




  1. Yes it has happened many times to me... I was running and tried to find the people I were with and wanted to stay together and was very worried... Once it was a big tornado that was destroying the city, and another, airplanes shooting fire...

  2. Indica sempre dificuldades na realização dos nossos projetos. Inimigos ocultos tramando. >>

  3. What God is telling you:  You are so focused on "fulfilling The Great Commission" to share the gospel that you have forgotten the key ingredient:   LOVE.

    Ask God to show you these people as HE sees them and to give you wisdom in your approach.  He is the one who does the convicting and the convincing.  It is your job to share what Jesus has done for you, in the process of everyday living, as you interact with others, based on true love and respect for them as individuals.  This is how Jesus worked with people.  He did not follow a certain witnessing plan.  He LOVED people and ministered to them on a very personal level  

    As Christians, we get caught up in plans, programs and agendas.  This is not God's way at all.  Ask HIM to show you HIS way.

    God bless you.



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