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Hi, Is it normal when I have an erection and if i stop stimulation it gets softer in about 20 sec? If I stimulate again it becomes hard again.

Also if i just stimulate without any thinking or movies it becomes hard but looses hardness if I stop stimulation. Somebody told me it is a venous leak or something. My friend told me it is suppose to stay hard anyways at least a minute.




  1. it doesn't have to stay hard for 1min at all. say if you were busted masturbating by someone, you'd go soft in like 2secs.

    how long you stay hard depends on you. if you are suficiently aroused then you stay hard without touching yourself. erections are mostly a product of the mind. the rest are due to normal physiological processes to ensure your p***s has enough oxygen.

  2. Its different for different people and also different for the same person at different times.

    Nothing to worry about, quite normal.

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