Erection strength question please?

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Hi, quick question:

If i am visually stimulated and have erection i can bent the pennis towards abdomen but not to the opposite side coz its kind of rigid to the opposite side - is it enough to penetrate a girl at such level or erection or not? i mean that pennis is erect but bents towards abdomen and rigid when trying to bent opposite direction.

Thank you very much and sorry for such intimate question.




  1. yes

  2. When you have an erection it bends toward the stomach and no it should not go the other way.  Yes you are hard enough to get the job done

  3. Yes...just be careful bending against resistance...

  4. dont worry many males have a upper side p***s . dont foce it too much to make it straight otherwise u will hurt your self

  5. Erections can point in any direction, up, down, left, or right or a combination.

    Most erections point up, towards the abdomen, and are just about against the belly around the navel.     And yes, there is usually no problem penetrating a woman/girl for s*x.

    Don't worry, you sound perfectly normal to me.

  6. It sounds like you are ok but depends on how big you are?

  7. The body (including for all animals) is an amazing thing.

    Despite how thing appear, when the time comes all will work as required.

    Science fiction writers has nothing on how we are built and how we work.


    Just relax and don't be in a hurry to try it until the time when your ready.

    Things will fall into place and they will just happen as naturally as if you were experienced.  

    Funny thing about s*x.

    Try looking in a mirror and cut your hair. It takes a long time to master.

    Yet for s*x while your working in the dark and so often blind yet everything just happens as its designed to.     Amazing.....  

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