What specific things make a guy good at s*x?

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i mean specific things or acts that make a guy GOOD at it




  1. Practice makes perfect. To be good at it.. there's not one specific thing because your partners all respond to their own unique "thing" which is in response to the way they are feeling at that moment.

    So... rules for good s*x......

    a) you cannot rely on a preconceived game plan....

    b) you need to take more notice your partner's situation... so that you learn when to move.. when to stop.. when to change positions..... whatever.

    c) just enjoy yourself and let go of your inhibitions but stay in tune with your partner(s). That's method has worked like.... forever.

    d) put your finger on her bum hole... lol.

  2. experience

  3. Consideration and practice.  Different women like different specific things, but as long as you are gentle, patient, and considerate, it will be pleasurable for both of you.  Take your time and if your not getting the reactions you hope for, then ask her what will feel good to her.  It's the best way to learn.

  4. Though I'm not able to have s*x yet, as long as the male is able to know what I need and want out of the experience and when we make love, makes it both an emotional and physical connection then I'm good. And of course, if he knows how to pleasure me. Hope this helps.

  5. What makes you good is when your mate has an o****m.  

  6. Everyone likes to have fun while doing it- know how to be playful- laugh without making it seem to the other person lilke you are laughing at them- be "dirty" or "naughty" with your humor, etc. Be sensitive to the other person if they are not into that though. A lot of it is making the other person feel special and doing what will turn the other person on- see where the other person gets aroused when you touch them there and exploit that knowledge. Foreplay is very important because you don't want the other person feel like you are just using them for your own pleasure ("wham bam, thank you ma'am," for example). Play on the other person's words and moans and get a feeling from them for when to take things a little further. And start with kissing or things with your hands, but don't just jump inside the pants and grab their zone or it feels like a violation. Don't "get to it" until they seem to be giving that to you. It doesn't mean they have to remove their pants and undies for you, but wait until things have progressed at a steady pace for quite a while and you sense that the other person is really turned on. When you get to the deed- again start in slow so you don't make the other person feel violated. Keep the communication channels open so you know when they are ready for more. Don't worry about going too slow- if they want you to just do it, they will say it. When you are doing the deed, keep yourself focused on them- keep some eye contact and kiss and feel things with your hands, stay in touch with them and don't just turn into a f**k machine, or again, they will feel violated. Nice slow motions usually feel best until it's time to put the pistons on overdrive which isn't until the last few seconds. Keep things interesting with other positions to try- even ask if the other person has any ideas on what to try. Some people are into "fetishes" or "role play," and again, good communication is primo.

  7. Education......... learn about a woman's body. Take your time and make sure she is the focus of your attention, not your own o****m. Learn what your lady likes, every woman is different.

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