If a man shaves his pubic area...?

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is it possible he can aggravate that area, and a few days later, there will be a little rash?




  1. the worst itch you can possibly imagine

  2. yes...i will never do it again trimming does the trick and my girlfriend doesnt care anyways

  3. keep the bush trim the limbs  

  4. yes, there can be ingrown hairs there and there may be some itchiness. If you're saying that you did this and there is a rash, it will go away. If you have have never shaved your pubes before and is wondering what will happen, it differs per person. You should try and see what it is like for you.

  5. yeah it happened to me.

  6. Yes, you can get a rash in the shaved area.  There is local irritation from the razor and bacteria normally on the skin can cause a rash.  In the worst cast it can develop into folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles, or in most cass just a minor razor burn type effect.  Wash with soap and water and may apply hydrocortisone cream 1% bought over the counter should do the trick.  If looking like there are actual little white or red boils I would suggest you see a doctor and be placed on antibiotics for a short time.


  7. personaly i wouldnt shave my pubes again.

    i did it once and couldnt stand the itching.

    just trim.

  8. yup

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