It hurts my husband to pee and his culture is negative for a UTI? what's going on?

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he's been on meds for 4 days and no response




  1. Could be an enlarged prostate, bladder problem, or bladder stones.

    He needs to see a UROLOGIST -- a doctor that specializes in urinary tract problems (including sexual problems)

    The next step is probably a cystoscope. The doctor will insert a small tube through the p***s into the bladder.  They can then see inside the urinary system (including the prostate) with a camera.

    Sounds awful, but since they use an anesthetic, its not so bad.  Just embarrassing if the nurse is female . . . . .

  2. maybe he should ask his doctor instead .

  3. His urologist will probably do a cystoscopy next to check out the urethra and bladder. It`s possible to have a small kidney stone lodged in the urine passageway. Only a Dr. can diagnose the problem.

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