Erection quality question???

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I am worried on erection quality

when i kiss a girl i have erection but not to the full extent. (i can bent the p***s in the middle of it towards abdomen but not to the oppisite side, just explain the quality of erection)

after we stop erection stops as well. if we together i also have erection when we kiss, but in order to make it hard like rock i need some kind of stimulation or smth like touch it ets. Is it normal or not. if u stop touching it p***s will start to go softer and if you touch it again it will become hard again. is it normal???




  1. This sounds completely normal.  As you progress further in your physical relationships, you should realize that your erections become harder and easier to maintain.  I don't think you have a problem at all, you're like the rest of us.  

  2. bro this is completely normal don't sweat it the same thing happens 2 me wen I'm kissing my girl I get hard an wen she stops n doesn't kiss me 4 a while it goes away n it doesn't get rock hard unless ages touching it

  3. I am female but I believe this is perfectly normal based on the guys I have dated and my personal experiences with their erections. As you age, it may take more stimulation to become erect and stay erect.  

  4. Its perfectly normal, I had the exact same problem.

    The only thing to do is just when your in your intimate moments, and you  want to get harder. Start to jack yourself off.

    And if you want to try and hide it from the girl just kiss her, without trying  to get to close.

    Hope this helps.

    Anymore problems email me at

  5. No that is a symptom of AIDS, you should get tested

  6. Yes, it's perfectly normal.  It's exactly what to expect.

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