I rarely get morning wood?

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Just wondering if that was normal, I'm 17.




  1. i dont have any problems with morning wood, happens almost every day and im in my 20s.  but did some searches and here's a couple things i found maybe this will be helpful, idk.

    i dont think u have anything to worry about tho til you get old =P   usually its like psychological or not sleeping well as you should

  2. I dunno I get morning wood a lot.  

  3. lucky, i get it almost every morning and its not like i wake up horny or anything

    but no its not abnormal or anything, ill be seventeen soon and it has to do with hormones i think

  4. Its normal, different people have it differently. Don't worry about it.

  5. I get it everyday! I'm 17 too so idk how it you sleep on your stomach? maybe that makes a difference.

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