What's the difference between *** and pre-***?

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I have just recently cummed like two weeks ago and im 13 and a lot of people say you go through pre-*** first and then u go to *** but what's the difference? And how do I know when I go to second stage which is ***.




  1. Pre-ejaculatory fluid or pre-*** is the secretion of fluids from the p***s when the male becomes aroused. Pre-ejaculatory fluid contains some sperm, which can impregnate a woman. s***n or *** is the actual fluid that is expelled from a male when he has an o****m. s***n has a lot more sperm than pre-ejaculatory fluid does. You begin secreting pre-ejaculatory fluid before you ejaculate. Hope this helps.

  2. Well pre-*** is more a trickle (or several trickles) that comes out before ejaculation. It's more clear and there's a lot less of it. It does contain sperm. Men sometimes don't feel it and I don't think always get it every time before they ejaculate.

  3. Prec*m comes out sometimes a little bit while you are aroused. It is almost like a lube, and can actually help to make things get going better in that way- wet and lubed up. I believe it is just some of the fluid that accompanies the sperm and comes from the prostate. So there may or may not be sperm present when there is prec*m. C*m, on the other hand is the full load of sperm and the fluid that surounds it.  

  4. you *** when you o****m and ejaculate .

    precum is just fluid that leaks from your p***s when you are aroused .

    so precum is before ejaculation, and *** is the result of ejaculation .

  5. Take sexual education classes the next time they are offered in your school.

  6. Hey usaskate !!!

    Congratulation my man !!!

    Pre-c** is the fluid (a clear liquide) that is required for U're sperms 2 swim in.  Without it, U're sperms wouldn't be able 2 swim.

    Example:   think of fish & water.  Without water, a fish can't swim right ?  Well, this is the same thing.

    C** is the actual act of cumming (the sperms).  Those little buggers with the little head & the big tail that swims 2 fertilizes the womans egg.

    I hope this helps U & keep up the good work little buddy !!!

    U're pal;


  7. Pre-*** is a small amount of see through liquid when you are aroused.

    *** is the stuff that comes out when you ejaculate.

  8. pre *** is more clear than white i went through this alot when i was ur ageit has less sperm,when you get to the second its realy white,and youl notice you start to put out more

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