3 Questions about erections?

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1. When you get one in your pants... is the head of the p***s supposed to point up... or down.

2. do you get one by looking at a girl naked?? or do you have to rub it..

cause i haven't been able to get one latelty (I AM STRAIGHT) but i get one by rubbing it.

3. is masturbating a sin?




  1. yes masturbation is a sin and it will lead to blindness

  2. Up no and no

  3. It's supposed to point sideways

    no you dont get it from looking at girls naked you get it  by looking at horny dogs trying to hump lampposts...or occasionly by looking at male p**n.

    Yeah it's a sin...makes you blind and you p***s shrink too!


  4. In answer to question 3 - PLEASE read this, and be sure to read it all through - the beginning is a bit confusing:

  5. In your pants pointing up unless your underpants are real tight and then it will point every way but loose.  

    2.  You certainly can get an erection buy looking at partially clad or naked ladies.  If no erection happens that's OK becuase no erection occurs every time you eye a naked/partially clad lady.  If, after several tries of rubbing it, no erection happens don't fret because it could be you're tired, nervous, ill, or whatever.  If still completely unsuccessful, can you talk to your dad, older brother, or an older friend?  It's best to talk to someone in case there's a problem.  The p***s doesn't always cooperate.

    3.  No, masterbating is not a sin.  It's natural actually.  How else would you know if that part of your anatomy is working or not. People used to say that if young boys m********e they will go blind.  If that were true there wouldn't be a male on the planet who could see.  Many men m********e into old age regardless if they're married or not.  

  6. hi there i am a doctor with 25 years of expierence and i will help u just send me a pic or info or both and ill help u out

  7. Different guys p***s' do different things, so chances are whichever your p***s does, is normal.  And yeah, you can get them from thinking about a girl, seeing one, or for no reason at all.  And no!  Almost all guys m********e, its completely normal.  So enjoy it!  And  you sound completely normal, so don't sweat any of the small things

  8. masturbating is not a sin. you can get an erection from looking at naked people, but as you get older you need physical stimulation, so  it doesnt really matter. and my p***s sticks straight out, so i point the head down, but if you have an upward curve, it point it up, put it against your stomach. hope i helped! feel free to contact me if you need more help.

  9. 1:It Points Whatever Way You Left It Like If You Put In Down Then It Will Face Down If You Put It Up Toward You're Waste Then It Will Point Up

    2:Not Necessarily But If You're Easily Turned On Then Yes And Some Guys Like Myself Get One Just By Looking

    3:If Masturbating Is A Sin Then I Guess All Men Are Going To h**l ;)

  10. I'll just deal with question 3...

    Masturbation is not mentioned in the bible AT ALL... that's right... not once so there are many Christians who say that it therefore is NOT a sin.  The bible mentions pre-marital s*x, adultery, greed, hate, war, disrespect, theft, etc etc etc but not masturbation. What does that tell you???

    It tells me that masturbation is normal..  and natural..  and a normal part of sexual development.  In fact I would go so far as to say it is an ESSENTIAL part of sexual development. I believe that masturbation is a normal way for people - whether they are Christian or not - to relieve sexual urges... especially while they are not in a sexual relationship.

    DON'T let people make you feel guilty about it.  Check out the link below.

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