Erection duration question?

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Hi, If i just mechanically stimulate pennis to the point of fully erect and then suddenly stop to see how long it will stay hard it will start losing the hardness in like 30 seconds. Is it normal or too short? If I stimulate again it will come back to a hard state again.

Thank you. please let me know - i am worried that smth is wrong with me.




  1. Mechanically?  


  2. Completely normal, if you rub you p***s for even a couple of seconds it's going to get hard. If you leave it alone for a couple of seconds, it will get soft.  

  3. Hi Alexander

    That is perfectly normal.

    If you were aroused because of something you were thinking about or looking at then it would stay hard for longer. But if you just stimulate your p***s then it will go soft as soon as you stop.



  4. It depends on what I'm looking at or thinking about. It might stay hard for a long time, or it might start getting soft within a half a minute.

  5. if ur aroused, ur p***s is hard... if u stop touching yourself and just stare at it... it will be almost weird if it stays hard! hehe

    unless ur aroused by sth else, a p**n movie or a naked girl around u! hehe

    take it easy man... :)

  6. I dont think you should be worried. The reason we get erections is because we are stimulated visually or physically. The only time I have erections that last for prolonged periods of time is when I am jerking off or having s*x or having some crazy s*x dream. If I am just walking around or hanging out, I dont want my erections to be long lasting because it is difficult to hide from others. you are fine bud dont stress

  7. Hey Alexander,

    That's pretty normal. Same thing happens to me. It depends on how turned on I am. I just love it when my p***s is nice and hard.

  8. its normal *****

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