I'm really curious as to what this dream means?

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This is a weird dream. My ex's two friends; boy 1 (the guy that I liked and wanted to go with before I went with my ex), and boy 2 (the guy that I don't like).

Anyway, in my dream, I woke up in my living room on the couch ( I always sleep on the couch downstairs, we don’t even have a couch in the living room) and the two of them were there playing a video game.

Then all of a sudden, guy 1 was gone. Guy 2 was going downstairs about to leave through our back door. My mom was already in the backyard (no one knew though), and she started yelling at guy2 who was trying to sneak off (I'm assuming). She kept saying "I knew I couldn't trust you! I couldn't trust him (pointing at guy1 who was in our back yard in a blue truck) either"

I asked my mom later why didn't she tell me they were there. She told me that they came by asking to see me and that she didn't trust them. It’s kind of weird because I never really had a relationship with these two guys. With guy1, we were on speaking terms. It was hi, bye, and sometimes hugs. Guy2 I didn’t like because he just outright didn’t like me for some reason.

Another weird thing is that throughout the whole dream, I had a feeling that me and guy1 went together and we had broken up. And for some reason, I was hoping that he’ll say he wanted us to get back together.

Later on, I ended up in school. I sat right behind guy1 and tapped him on the shoulder. I asked him what did he want with me. He turned around and said, “Hold on, wait a minute.” The dream kind of ended like that.

What does this mean?




  1. i think u like him

  2. I think it means that you like this person a lot and you two should be friends for a while before dating. thats why he said hold on a minute. hes not ready to be in a relationship with you. and your mom obviously doesnt like them. haha.

  3. It means you desperately wish for a new boyfriend, and want them to contend for you (video games), but your superego/conscience (mother) is filtering out the flawed candidates (friends of an ex).

    And if you do end up with Guy 1, he'll be rather indifferent: you'll like him way more than he likes you.

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