I had a dream where I couldn't talk. what does it mean?

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I was waiting in a line with my parents somewhere.

And they were talking about something important (I don't remember what).

But I couldn't talk and I was just pointing to my mouth to signal my problem.

They didn't notice me for a while and then my father noticed and asked me angryily "what you can't talk?"

and then I woke up....




  1. hmm... this sounds soo familiar

  2. Theres something you need to address to your parents or som1 else in your life but you cant find the words to say it or just straight up cant say it

    Culd be somthin u really need to tell them but you cant because of other factors like they dont have the time for you, dont take you seriously but its important............may be your worried about the way they react once you do tell them wat u need to tell em

  3. This could be that you feel conflicted about sharing who you really are with your parents, that you are hiding major things from them and that you aren't totally sold that doing this is a good idea. You may feel that your parents would be angry at you if you told them your thoughts, feelings and/or actions after the fact because you didn't tell them on  a timely basis.

    Additionally, it could represent separation issues. Your parents could be angry that you have emotionally moved away from them and you could be trying your best to do that.

  4. It doesn't matter whether your parents were in the dream or not, it could have been someone else in their place. The most important part of this dream is the fact you couldn't talk. This means you are insulting people and calling them adjectives they don't deserve. It shows that you are making up facts and saying false statements. Or you haven't told a truth before a judge; or you remained silent when you were needed to take the stand and tell a truth.

    If your tongue was kind of locked, it means that you will become articulate and educated; you will make a good living and excel over those who don't like you.

  5. Probably another sign of the plague of mere "linkanthyasistomonathanius"(Wikipedia's no good...they don't have it.).

  6. It sounds pretty obvious to me, but according to the fact that your parents were in the dream with you, i would say that it is a representation of your place in the family. You cannot talk because when it comes to your parents what you say just obviously doesn't matter, and then they get angry about something random when you've been trying to explain the situation the entire time.

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