I lost my dreams...?

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I can't seem to ever have a dream, and it's confusing. I mean, I used to have a lot of dreams when I was younger, but now I either don't have any, or just forget them the second that I wake up... is this common, and is there a way to get my dreams back? Oh, and one more thing, is it because of my dream catcher? When I go to sleep, it hangs right over my head.




  1. Dreams happen when you're not sleeping well. If I were you I'd feel happy that I'm getting a good nights sleep.

  2. Everyone dreams, but depending on when you wake up and what stage of sleep you were in you may or may not remember them.

  3. no its not your dream catcher.  I had that problem and got it fixed.  The earlier you go to sleep the more clear your dreams are.  You'll also remember them better.  That explains why you had a lot when you were a kid.  You dont always remember your dreams but if you go to bed early you'll find that you will have more dreams that you remember

  4. Helpful Hints for Better Dream Recall

    Before you go sleep

              1.  Expect to remember your dreams.

              2.  Review past dreams.

              3.  Get ready to record your dreams.

              4.  Be prepared to stay awake to make a record.

              5.  Review the previous day back to morning.

    Upon waking

              1.  Follow your dream backwards.

              2.  Try and remember all the dreams you can.

              3.  Think of events that may have triggered dreams.

              4.  Don't be discouraged if there is no recall.

              5.  Don't forget the dream before you write it down.

    Daily Attitudes

              1.  Value each dream.

              2.  Accept all dreams.

              3.  Approach recall as a skill.

              4.  Expect to recall dreams during the day.

              5.  Don't compare recall ability.

    this and other helpful information can be found at the link below

    sweet dreams

  5. Man girl don't give up on your dreams. You have them. You just don't realize it. If you dream it, you can be it. So what does it mean if you dream about nothing?
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