Is couldn't be normal behavior can's mom?

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im 23 and i have a girlfriend whose 19 and been with her for 2 months now. I was at her place last week and and when i was taking a shower after a swim in her pool her mom walks into the bath room (I take it by accident) and gets a full coverage of me completely naked! She gave a brief glance then walked out without saying anything. The look she gave was dirty one more like what you would give your partner in bed. I just pretended it was no big deal. the other day i was in my trunks ready for a swim and her mom came back from work and when she (gf) was getting changed her mom came up from behind and squeezed my butt cheek and said her daughter is a lucky girl!. To be honest i don't know to be flattered or be freaked!! They are otherwise nice ppl and with a lavish lifestyle (her mom's a highly paid lawyer i think). The mother is supportive of our relationship but however my gf is inseparable form her mom and would be offended if i tell bout her behaviour.

her mom isnt bad looking at all, when with her daughter they look more like sisters although the mom is in her early 40s i believe. It has come to me that my gf's parents have separated 12 months ago and she lives alone with her mom now...

the thing that strikes me is it "normal" for a recently divorced mother to behave like this? Should i just let all this pass or do something about it? how would I approach her mother regarding this if I should approach her about this?




  1. very normal.  

  2. Don't do anything about it and don't tell your girlfriend. Just let it be and if the mom makes a move on you just tell her that you care too much for her daughter.  

  3. This reminds me of high school when i was walking home with my brother past the track and saw two women walking next to each other.

    I said to him, I don't know who's hotter, the girl on the right or left

    Well, we got closer and it turned out to be the hottest girl in my class walking with her mother to the track. I must have said it too loud because they were both smiling and giggling when they passed, whoops

    Umm yes, some women behave inappropriately around their children's male friends, just like some men do around thier kids female friends

  4. Tell it to PENTHOUSE "Letters to the Editor"

  5. It just seems true that according to you women are always taking a peek at you. I believe you have mentioned in a previous post that you were seen in the buff by the landlord that came to your house to collect rent. Right? Whether than asking us if this behavior is "Normal" coming from these women maybe you should ask yourself how far you are willing to let your fantasies of exhibitionism go. You do seem to be enjoying these thoughts of yours. Have fun.

  6. Normal or not, it's way inappropriate. Be very, very careful with that woman. She sounds like a bit of a cougar! LOL Keep your distance and don't encourage her no matter how tempting.

  7. I think you should invite her Mom over to watch The Graduate with you.


    She's probably just a flirty person, and is not seriously trying to seduce you or anything. Because you're youngish you might not be used to getting attention like that from older women. But I wouldn't worry. She's not going to diddle you in your special place, or anything. She's just flirting with you casually, one adult to another, and acknowleding that you're attractive and of the opposite s*x. Ignore it and nothing will come of it.  

  8. keep away from the mother. You will lost in the end if you try to do something with the mother and the daughter. From now on, Lock the door when changing.

  9. Try to stay away from her mother, or else you could end up with your gf as your step daughter!

  10. I don't know if it's "normal" but having her mother's seal of approval can't be a bad thing... Absolutely do NOT say anything about it to your GF.

    If her mother comes on to you, the appropriate response is, "I'm flattered, and you're beautiful, but your daughter means so much to me, I could never do that to her." Practice this... you'll score points like you couldn't believe...

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