Pimple like bump on p***s shaft.?

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I have had a pimple like bump about 1 mm in width and height. I have had this for almost 5 months now and another one is starting to form on the other side. sometimes the skin directly around it will begin to peel or flake. I am really worried so please tell me what this could be. thanks!




  1. well we can all see you and we're all Dr' how about you go see a REAL the REAL world and ask him/her...

  2. possibley genital warts...go to you MD to get it checked out!

  3. First, you need to go to the doctor.  Another, it could be a pore that is clogged or an infected hair.  The best thing to do is to not guess or home remedy which could make matters worse.  Go on and go to the doctor and find out for sure before someone on here scares the sh?t out of you.  Good Luck

  4. herpes

  5. if its herpes it will blister and burst and then you'll have a sore. go to the doctor bro not need to chance it when it comes to your junk !!  

  6. First of all don't lissen to this dumb a** its not herpes you would've known if it was herpes is very painful and starts of as clear bumps then white bumps with red heads that pop into painful blisters of blood and puss and herpes shows up with multiple bumps all next to eachother you could've never had herpes for 5 months and dealt with it its wayy 2 painful males and females get regular bumps for many reasons it can be a hair bump from your pubes pulling it can be from shaving it can be from scratching it can be from an allergic reaction to a product used in that area the bump is not describing any stds I know about and I know a lot about them because im going to become a gynecologist but you still need to go to the doctor and have it evaluated find out what it is and also get tested because your sexually active and condoms don't always protect

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