Painful red bump over vein on p***s, hurts most when erect

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There is a small, hard red bump on my p***s right over the vein on the underside of my p***s, more towards the left.

It causes minor pain when not erect but when erect is it very noticeably painful to move it, and especially to stretch it or pull it in any way. At first it had a very little bit of pus, or a liquid of some sort, but now its just hardened.

It hurts really bad to squeeze it or any thing like that.

It is only a single bump, there is nothing anywhere else abnormal, just this one bump which appeared a week or two ago.

Any ideas on what it might be? and when might I expect the pain to go away? what should I do and what caused it?

any help would be great.




  1. Blood clot if u popped it...  And then some scar tissue...

    ...not a dr...

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