Small bumps on p***s, please help!

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i have these small, strange bumps all of the shaft of my p***s and my testicles. they blend into the skin, so they're almost like a pimple that isn't red, and doesn't have a white head yet (although they do have a small hint of white coloring). i have tried squeezing them, and with much more effort than an average pimple, they finally popped emitting white stuff (just like in a normal pimple). what could they be, they aren't too noticeable, but when i have an erection they are and it is quite embarrassing. any ideas whats wrong or what i can do to fix this problem? I also have noticed, that there are hairs growing out of the some of the small bumps, so could they be hair follicles?

I am a virgin, so I doubt its an STD.




  1. I'm not sure im guessing it's cankers. Cankers, grow anywhere on your body but cankers need canker jell or oral jell you can go to a pharmacy and ask if they have any and they usually do. If this is not cankers I recommend seeing a doctor

  2. It's possible it's hair follicles, but it may also be Fordyce spots.  This condition is completely normal and a lot of us have it.  It doesn't hurt you or cause you problems in any way.  Check out this link and I think it'll make you more comfortable with this.

  3. is the best ask a doctor,and it will bee safe

  4. If you haven't had s*x, ie; actual vaginal penetration or oral s*x, this is not an STD.  Since the bumps act like pimples, they could actually be pimples.  They could also be irritated hair follicles.  See a doctor for your peace of mind, but I really think you're o.k.  

  5. Well its not an STD ...likely it can be helped with proper hygeine and using Calomine lotion.

    Wash youre p***s youre s*****m and youre entire  pubic area with Ivory White soap ... and warm water . The dry it all very well this is very important .. dry it very well then apply the calamine lotion to the pimples

    and while you are at it  apply it to to youre s*****m as well just as a precaution , do this thrre times a day for a bout a week and you should see results ..

    Also if you can dont wear underwear for a few days or if you must , then wear boxers because you need to get more air to that area  

  6. I have some to exactly like that,Its just your hair follicle

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