Got a bump on my p***s shaft....?

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It hurts a lot like a pimple does, I have not had unprotected s*x in like 2 years, havnt had protected s*x in 4 months. Any ideas if it is a STD?




  1. It could just be an infected hair follicle. I wouldn't get overly concerned if I were you. Dab some antiseptic cream on it to help fight the infection.

    STD's with external signs.. like syphilis and herpes ~ show up in the first month or so, they don't spring themselves on you two years later without any earlier symptoms.

  2. If its a small lump under the skin it could be peyronies disease, 4% of men have it, ive got a small lump and tbh never thought to check it out as it hasn't changed, however if it does get bigger then it can have devastating effect, id advise doing some personal research into peyronies and see if the symptoms fit the characteristics. Generaly the treatment is simple but if its been left too long it may require surgery.

  3. depending on what color it is maby like me it could be a calcium deposit?

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