Am i good enough to play colege baseball?

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Im 17 (Rising Junior in HS)

Switch hitter (Better lefthanded, an oppo-hitter, has power but i choose to hit linedrives in the gaps) (Best hitter on team)

Throws right-handed - good arm (2nd on team)

Plays 1st/3rd - amazing fielder (Amazing at picking the balls in the dirt hit or thrown) (#1 defensive player on team)

OK Speed (3rd on team in stolen bases)

I am a clutch player who plays the game as hard as i can no matter the score

The only bad thig about my game is that i am short (5'11)




  1. Those sound like good tools. You don't have to be over six feet tall to play the game. I like opposite field hitters who do not try to hit home runs, but get good swings, like you do. I think at the worst you would make a Division Three school, but you could make Division One. I like it when players always hustle. Being a switch hitter gives you a better chance to make the team as well. You sound like a team leader. I hope you can go farther than College!

  2. If you can't spell the word "college," you don't get to go to one. It's the law.

    You should be concentrating more on graduating than worrying about baseball. Quit coming in here for compliments and start studying.

  3. well considering nobody on Y!A has ever seen you play, there is no way to actually gauge what you specualte about yourself against what how you actually play

    i mean i play college baseball myself but the only real insight i ever got was from people who had never seen me play and then when they finally did they thought i was good..dont overhype yourself by giving yourself rankings on defense/arm strength,etc. you arent going to impress anyone and all its going to do is build up your ego------- ego + baseball = bad combo

    so you sound good but i have no idea if your team is talented and you are  the next ARod or if your team sucks and you shine above everyone else because they make you look good

    who knows. not me

  4. your hieght wont make a diff just as long as you can play your best all the time

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