What are some baseball team nicknames?

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  1. Pittsburgh Pirates aka (The battling Succos)

  2. the New York Jankees (because illegal immigrants in Jersey cant make the "y" sound)

    im a yanks fan but when i first heard this it was hilarious

  3. The Fighten' Phils

  4. Twins = Twinkies

  5. The New York YankMe's

    The Chicago White Sux that play at US Smellular

  6. A name for the tampa bay team is the mantle ray. the padres are the fathers. and st cardnals are the browns

  7. Are the Cardinals still the Gashouse Gang?  Or did that go out in the 30's?

  8. The Chicago White suxs!!

  9. cleveland = tribe

  10. brew crew


  12. the boys in blue (dodgers)

  13. Red Sox = Idiots.  Don't blame me, they chose it themselves.  Actually, a better term would be Red Slobs.

  14. Theres The D-backs hee hee which are awesome.

  15. The D-Bags :DDDD (D-Backs)

  16. The best all time...The Bums

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