Braves fans: Now that we're shopping Teixeira, is there any reason we can't get rid of 1/2 the bullpen too?

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Yeah, the deal for Chad Tracy looks good on the surface. BUT, can we get rid of Boyer, Ohman, Ring, Tavarez, all at the same time?

Multiple deals or package deals? Who do you think we want in the bullpen?




  1. The only bullpen player I've heard we are trying to get rid of is Ohman.

    I love the Salty deal. He's sitting behind a great catching prospect in Texas anyway (a former Braves minor leaguer). I've heard the yanks might make a run at him.

    Also if you want to discuss the Braves you could get a lot better answers to this and some better discussion on the official atlanta braves site. go to the message board.

  2. I thought it just stupid idea when Smoltz went down and everyone injuries, I thought Teix, Chipper and McCain can compare to Howard-Pat-Utley. Only they don't have any good pitching stuff and now all the sudden they want to sell Teix. I wonder who they gonna rebuild since Chipper and Smoltz both are very old.

  3. No. It seems that the franchise will try to get rid of Tavarez first, and then the others. Maybe, they will try to stay with Ohman.

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