Good enough for jv or varsity baseball team?

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Hey.... I'm 15 going on 16 into my junior year. I haven't played high school baseball yet....

My fastball is around 68-75.......inconsistent control.

Curveball is around 60-64.....alright movement...can hang alot

Slider is 65-70....good but not great movement....

2 seam fastball I throw almost never....but it has good movement

Changeup is the same as 2 seam....but it dips down good




  1. Im nearly 16, my fastball is mid 70s sometimes even high 70s. You could play, but you wont dominate. You will walk alot of guys. Pick between your curve or slider and work on one. throw more 2 seamers, its a great pitch. Changeup is also good too.

  2. sorry not good slider with no movement is gonna get crushed. they say its bad to rely on 2 pitches u have none to rely on, i mean u can get practice and become better but this stat isnt great

  3. Unless your school's varsity team is horrible. You are gonna be on JV. Why? Experience. Hook up with the local pitching coach get lessons, and work your way to the top.

    when you get that fastball under control, start working on your breaking balls.

  4. As a sidearm pitcher, you have a better chance than a traditional arm slot. But the control, could be a issue. Your changeup sounds like it needs work. I'm assuming tryouts are sometime in the fall or spring. I would suggest getting some pitching lessons at the local baseball center before tryouts to help harness your control.

    JV is your best bet right now. Good luck and keep practicing.  

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