Which St. Louis Browns hat should I buy for my husband?

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My husband is a big baseball fan. When we were in St. L last week, he said he was hoping to find and buy a Browns hat. He never found one. His birthday is in a few weeks, and I'd like to surprise him...but there are so many choices!

St. Louis Browns 1946-49 Cooperstown

St. Louis Browns 1950-51 Cooperstown

St. Louis Browns 1924-28 Road Cooperstown

St. Louis Browns 1946-49 Road Cooperstown

St. Louis Browns 1952-53 Road Cooperstown

Which one would you suggest and why?




  1. I would try to get the 46-49 cooperstown one, that is the same logo they had when they played the all st. louis World series against the cardinals, and its the coolest of all the hats

  2. I like the 46-49 one. CCFan brought up a good point - it is the same color scheme as the 1944 team wore in the brown's only World Series appearance. Not exactly the same - the 1944 team had a hat that had about 4 stripes coming from the top of the hat, but it's pretty close.

    My second choice would be the 1924 - 1928 hat, for the simple reason that it would be a style that was worn by George Sisler, a hall of fame player and the greatest Brown of all.

  3. dont go with a road hat go with the to that arnt road hats

  4. 50-51 or 46-49 caps. I have both of them. I prefer the 50-51 caps, but ask your husband if he likes white on baseball caps. If not, then definitely the 50-51 caps.

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