Am I big enough to play rugby union?

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Im 6'1 ft i way 63kg but i pack alot of push and i can pass fairly well and i can run like a deamond but only in short bursts wats the best postion for me and am i big enough to play i am also goin to gym so i can get a bit bigger




  1. Long and thin is not good in the forwards...jeez you must be thin. Get to the gym and on the weights and turn yourself into a 95 kg 6 footer, and 1. be safe and 2. be in demand as you are quick.

    No. 8 is a possibility, but keep away from the front row. My son was tiny and played rugby since he was 6. He weighted 45 kg at age 12. Now he is still 5'5" but with 70 kgs of muscle on him, he is a formidable breakaway. He is also useful in the backline, as has also played front row as a replacement. His secret...2 hours a day in the gym for 5 years. He bench presses 160kg and as he has such a good covering of muscle on him, he does not get hurt.

    AFL might be a good alternative.

  2. 6'1 & 63 kg? dude you need to put on weight regardless of sport! i used to be like dat but hit the gym hard and put on 20kgs. good luck

  3. If you're obese, you should have no problem playing onion.

    I prefer League, might help those fatties in onion to lose weight!

  4. Yes. The beautiful thing about rugby is that all shapes and sizes can play. If you can run fast I'd say your best position would be winger, the fact that you're going to the gym will help as well.

    If you can only run in short bursts however maybe try the treadmill at the gym as well as weights to build up some stamina.

  5. Mate I'm 180 cm and only 60 kilos. Most people don't realise this but rugby is not about size, it's about SKILL!. I've seen heaps of little guys tackle guys 3 times their size. Trust me, If you have the skill you can play. Size not required. I reckon you'd be good centre or wing.

  6. I dont think you would be big enough for a prop man but you might be a muscle horse so them short burst runs would be great but i think if your a confident passer you could make a good hooker but be careful in the scrum lol.. if your a all round confident player and good kicker i think your size would make a alright fly half.. i dunno man without seeing you properly but i think wing and prop are outta the question for ya but good luck with it anyway dude.. keep the effort up

  7. mate , you could play in the backs for sure , start on the wing and work your way in....

    I've got guys in my club that are around your size and weight and they play way below their weight in the forwards.They are probably the best players with the new ELV's in place.

    Also playing sport is about meeting and making new friends so go and have a go mate

    there is an under 85kg comp , but depends if you have one in your area.

  8. You don't need to be a giant to play rugby. Half backs aren't normally that big. You said you have a lot of push, Well, that's all you need. See, when it comes to rucking and mauling your not on your own and in tackles, well a small person could tackle a giant. Its just if you have the heart, the determination and the fitness to play

  9. You'd make a winger. Just work on your sprint speed at the oval. In time you'll gain more strength and fitness through training. You only need to run in short bursts, a player very rarely runs the full length of the field. The 40m sprint is usually how professional clubs measure the pace of their players. When you're being chased by the opposition you'll find you've got a bit of extra pace and stamina in you anyway ;-D

  10. U are winger or fullback

    Im a winger so u should be good at tht

  11. Flanker

  12. You sound like more of a winger, but i only know bits about rugby league. You really are pretty light though :S be careful not to get hurt. As long as you play lower grades you should be ok though, if you can, try and put alot of weight on though!

    Id say play rugby league, you could be a centre, winger, or maybe fullback. Your speed will be more useful as break aways dont mean a turn over because no one has kept up with you etc.

  13. like every size can play

    i am 6'1 ft and i am a prop

    i have to admit i am not that strong

    but if you are able to push against someone while kneeling down

    i think prop would be good

    and if you can run in short bursts then really any front position would be ok

    just make sure that you can squat really low if you want to be a forward

    all forwards are in the scrum so they have to be able to push hard to get the ball.

    i have a girl on my team and she is only like 5 ft

    and she is really good

    no matter what shape you are you can play

    just dont front pass no matter what position you play

    that's the worst when you are close to the try line and u go to pass but it is a forward pass

    hope this helps

  14. possible flanker or number 8

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