Am I good enough to play club volleyball?

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I want to tryout for a 14U volleyball team, but i don't know if I'm good enough because i have no idea what i should be able to do in club level.

I have played for 4 years at school and in summer clinics/camps.

i can do the basics obviusly, and my overhand serves are a bit in consistent buI'mim improving fast. My attacks arcomingng along but i know that thearen'tnt that good.

If you don't think im good enough, tell me what i should do to make the school team this year and club next year because i really want to play volleyball! I LOVE IT!!




  1. have some one spike balls at u and try to dig them. you have to practice every day

  2. well in club, there are two divisions. area and power. power is more advanced and area is not as advanced. you should definitely try out for a bunch of different clubs- area and power teams. you definitely have enough experience. just try out for a bunch of teams. (:

  3. I always say that you should go for anything that you want to do, never give up.  Like you said if your hits are coming along and your serves are pretty consistent then I would go for it.  It always depends on how competitive your club is, but one thing that I would suggest is getting a knowledge in all positions even setting, even if you aren't a setter.  Coaches love love love it when their players can play multiple positions and have a back round in everything.  Never give up, and if you really LOVE volleyball do anything for it and keep practicing.

  4. it depends on your age...serving is a very important in volleyball though..the older the more compentative club is... if you are not that good at hitting you may just be a back row player but the only thing you can do is practicepracticepractice if you even want to make the school team or you will just be benched or cut...good luck though...=)

  5. you'll never know unless u try it. just try out for club this year, and if you don't make it keep working and i bet next year you will be great!

  6. Try out anyway.  The bigger clubs have varying levels at the 14-Under levels.  In Northern California, one is called a Power League and another is called an Area League.  Plenty of commitment needs to be made in order to do well.

  7. Only you can decide if you are "good enough"  every can reach there dreams if wirk hard enough.  Club id thougher, it is that tough so only the people that really want to play can.  If you want bad you are good enough!!  Your resume sounds very impressive but you are going to have to show how badly you want it. That doesn't mean aceing every serve and have perfect passes sets and attacks, it simple means hustle work your heart out, and communicate!!   You can do it!!  I hope this helped and good luck!!

    Keep playin and chase your dreams,

    live the volleyball gal

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