Who Do You Think Is The Best Pitcher Of All Time????

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I personally Think It is Nolan Ryan




  1. nolan RYAN

  2. Bob Gibson

    He was a horse who finished what he started, and also a K-machine with an elite K/9 ratio.

  3. mike pelfrey

  4. THERE ARE TOO MANY TO MAKE THAT JUDGEMENT! nolan ryan, tom seaver, bob gibson, koufax, to name a few!

  5. Walter Johnson is the best of all time. Honorable mention to Lefty Grove, Christy Mathewson, Grover Cleveland "Pete" Alexander, Cy Young, Bob Gibson, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson. Koufax's career was just a little too short unfortunately.

    Nolan Ryan is the most overrated pitcher in history. The guy barely won half his decisions. Most exciting to watch? Maybe. Best fight ever? Absolutely. But he's not even close the to the best pitcher. What matters is winning, not how many you strike out. Ryan is one of the all-time leaders in losses, and the leader in walks.

  6. Satchel Paige deserves some notice, obviously as do Koufax, Cy Young, Clemens, Maddux, and even the Babe for awhile there.

    For my money, I'm going off of the normal train of thought. Mariano Rivera has dominated the Major Leagues as not too many others have ever dominated over the past 13 or 14 yrs now and his impact has made the Yankees what they've been for most of that time. The difference between contenders and wannabes these days isn't so much their starters as their closers and he makes no secrets about what he's going to throw to you (that vicious cutter) yet every time Mo steps in against a new victim, they just look like little leaguers.

  7. Best Starter i would have to say Cy Young.

    Best Reliever i would have to say Mariano Rivera.

  8. Cat Osterman and Jenny Finch could strike everybody out that they can

  9. Lefty Grove, though I may change my mind next week, because there are two others I group with Grove for this distinction.

    It's not Ryan, and I really don't understand the fascination with him. (And yes, I saw him pitch, live.)

  10. You want a winner.  Whitey Ford set the record for winning percentage, .690, and that's well above the Yankees who were hitting behind him.  He also has the most wins in World Series play: 10.

  11. Christy Mathewson

  12. When you name an award for someone, there's usually something behind it; like 511 wins.  Cy Young.

  13. You can't beat Cy Youngs numbers. Babe Ruth would have gotten into the hall of fame as a pitcher if he never played the outfield.

  14. that's a huge debate but i'd say Walter Johnson


    2.17 career ERA

    3,509 strikeouts

    #2 career wins

    his fastball was rumored to be over 100 mph

    12 20-win seasons, 10 in a row

    2 30 wins seasons

    won 3 pitching triple crowns

    won 2 MVP awards

    also keep in mind he has a decent hitter for a pitcher

  15. my d**k because baseball is g*y

  16. Sandy Koufax

  17. This question gets asked literally six times a day in here and a bunch of uninformed buffoons always say either Sandy Koufax or Nolan Ryan, NEITHER of whom is remotely the greatest pitcher of all time. Not close.

  18. Walter Johnson he kicked *** for a bad team also i dont think cy young is the best. yes he had 511 wins but he also had 300+ Losses

  19. 1-dimensional choice

    Nolan Ryan was great but not the best

    Cy Yound is hands down the best pitcher to ever step on a baseball field

    Some of his records

    511 career wins

    7,354 2/3 innings pitched

    815 career games started

    749 career complete games

    he did it in a time where pitchers threw til they couldnt anymore, and were back out a few days later no complaints.....there was no DL back then there was tough juiced up balls and bats, just the game and he was the best

    Ryan could throw hard and K guys but thats it. he didnt have anything close to the career of Denton True Young (Cy's real name)

  20. the best pitcher of all time is rollie fingers 17 seasons 2.90 era.and 1129 strike outs.

  21. It was Walter Johnson, no question about it.  Just look at these stats, they prove it.

    He had a 21 year career.

    417 Wins

    531 Complete Games

    5,914.7 Innings Pitched

    2.17 ERA

    3,509 Strikeouts

    97 Home Runs given up in 21 years

    AL MVP in 1913 and 1924

    Led the league in ERA 5 times, Wins 6 times, Strikeouts 12 times, Complete Games 6 times, Shutouts 7 times

    He had 12 years with 20+ Wins and 2 years with 30+ Wins and won 3 Triple Crowns(1913, 1918 and 1924).

    He's #2 on the career wins list, #9 in career strikeouts and #1 on the career shutout list. He only gave up double digithome runs in 2 of his 21 seasons.

  22. Cy Young

    Nolan Ryan

  23. Walter Johnson.

    He was just amazing

    Win-Loss record     417-279

    Earned run average     2.17

    Strikeouts                     3,509

  24. there is a lot...but i think more is coming......

    the best pitcher of all time is not yet born.

  25. Sandy Koufax

    no doubt

  26. Bob Gibson hands down

  27. Nolan Ryan isn't even close

    Walter Johnson or Cy Young

    Sandy Koufax had an amazing stretch in the early 60's but the years before that you wouldn't have wanted him near your team...

  28. Christy Mathewson. He did not mark up the ball at all in the dead ball era. The problem with Ryan is that he walked 200 batters in a season a couple of times. Strikeouts are not everything. Though Nolan Ryan was great.

  29. Cy young

  30. Sandy Koufax in 11 years he put up the numbers that would take some pitcher 20 years to accomplish. and what Cy Young did he did during the dead ball era

  31. walter johnson

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