Trade Deadline Questions?

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With the deadline about 48 hours away (i think idk im bad with time).....

1. Who is 1 player you can say 100% will be traded? and

2. What moves does your team need to make before the trade deadline?




  1. Big Tex is on the move. It's pretty much a guarantee. The Braves are out of it and there's zero hope of signing him after this year, so the Braves are going to do what the Indians did with Sabathia.

    The Cardinals need help in relief and at the dish. Wainwright and Carpenter returning eliminate the need for a starter, but the wear and tear on the bullpen is obvious. Pujols just doesn't look the same when he's pitched around night after night, and Ludwick and Glaus just don't provide adequate protection given their K rates.

  2. 1.Teixiera will definitly be traded prolly on the last day of deadline,the Braves just wanna get as much as they can for him.

    2.Trade for a lefty relief pitcher...The Phils need another lefty in the bullpen.

  3. 1. Mark Texeria

    2. Adding a bullpen specialist to set up for Paplebon

  4. 1. Mark Teixeira. The Braves have said they will trade him.

    2. My team, the Cardinals, need to trade for a good left handed relief pitcher, like Brian Fuentes of the Rockies or Ron Mahay of the Royals.

  5. 1.  I agree. Tex is too valuable to other teams for the Braves not to trade him.  They could even get him back next year.

    2. anything would help. (sigh)  They need to let Maddux go to a contender and hope for some prospects in return.  Hopefully, a sweet swinging head case in AA, whose attitude the parent team wants to dump...think Milton Bradley, Jr.

  6. Mark Teixeira will be traded, more then likely to the Dbacks.  The Cubs don't need too much, maybe some help in the bullpen.

  7. 1. Mark Teixeira

    2. The Cardinals need to get a left handed reliever to help the bullpen.

  8. The Braves recently said they no longer are going to trade Teixera but that may be just to put more pressure on teams to try and get him and subsenquently get more.

    I think no doubt the the reliever from Colorado will get traded teams in the playoff hunt always pickup a reliever and overpay.

    Im a Tampa Rays fan and although im against a trade im starting to think that we need one to get into the playoffs because our offense is just terrible right now. If our pitching staff doesnt hold the other team to 3 runs were going to lose. We have a bunch of talented hitters in guys like Carl Crawford, BJ Upton, Carlos Pena, and Longoria but none of them are bringing in runs. Either they are in a season long slump or theyre not what they are made out to be unfortunatly we cant wait for that I think they have to find a way to get a guy like Teixera or Holliday without giving up top prospects like David Price or Wade Davis.

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