Why am i banned from playing pool its not good enough if i cant play i will dump yahoo?

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if i cant get in to pool i will dump yahoo and find another provider there is no reason for me to be banned so is going on




  1. i don't know why you've been banned. have you said anything that others may have found offensive?

  2. Wow.... someone likes his pool....

    Go ahead and dump Yahoo

    *struck down with thunderbolt*

  3. please refer to the hundred times in past this has been asked our answer never changes... well it does but not that it helps you.

  4. i know why. its cuz u have no life.

  5. how many times are you gonna ask us this!

    you're banned,move on

  6. try playin real pool

    in a bar there theres real compatition

  7. OK.  Why are you posting about Yahoo Pool in the "Sports" section?

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