18 Year Old Wants Good Looking Credit Card?

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I'm looking for the best looking credit card there is that I could get approved for, and wanted to know your opinion. I was looking at the American Express Blue, and American Express Clear. I really don't care about the interest rates, I just want a good looking card.

Also, please do not tell me to stay away from credit cards. I know plenty about personal finance and how the system works so I don't need another lesson.





  1. get 1 w/ sumthin lik ure fav footbal team or sumtin

  2. if your main focus is how it looks, you are in for long road of debt


    What's that for?

    Go get some brains, cause that's the way to "get the girls". But I'm sure you're an hopeless finantial geek or the girls  that you use to get along with are way shallow...

  4. When i was looking for a first credit card  i found it really hard to get one that would approve me. i also did try AmEx Blue and got turned down because i had no credit history. Consider going though your bank, where you have your savings or checking account. they have a short history on you and you would have a better chance of being approved.

    Aside from that look at what rewards you want from the card and avoid the annual fee (there is no need for you to pay it), i have one though Citi that has been great and another with AmEx (yeah they approved me once i had a credit history) that give me hotel points.

  5. Get yourself a student card, its the easiest one to get

    the amex requres good score

    you might want to go here to compare them, pick one that is right for u

  6. well I got a credit card when I was 18 and the only one that you will most likely get approved for is capitol one at $350. I got denied for ll other credit cards. Also STAY AWAY from american express, it makes you pay the amount in full every month there is no making payments. It's great when you have steady income but for right now, don't even try! so try capitol one it's your best bet.

  7. you can put whatever you want to on a capitol one credit card.  Even a pic of urself!

    And btw, you are stupid for letting that be your main concern. Are mommy and daddy payin for the card or something?

  8. With your good credit history definitely go with the American Express Blue card. The shiny blue square is impressive and the rest of the card is silver and clear.

  9. if your looking for status or something that is very high profile then i suggest you get the American Express Platinum.

    Of those two i would pick the clear,it's not just a blue square it's more like an explosion of color.

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