Chapter 7 bankrupcy am I eglible?

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Well I am young and live in the state of Florida. I have 7,000 dollars in debt and a car payment which is 523. The car is worth 10,000 and I owe 18,000. I want to get rid of that car and start fresh with a brand new car. Once I am discharged from my debt and that car payment when will they come take my car away? and once I am discharge how long should I wait to get a brand new car? i heard the interest rate will be high, but my interest rate is 18 percent now so it doesnt matter. Do you think the banks will finance me for a new car or would I have to get a used car? how long does the process take once I am discharged?




  1. $7,000 is not a lot of debt first and foremost. I know that's easy to say but there is people I deal with daily with that are $100K plus in credit card debt, not to mention foreclosed homes and repo'd cars. They need Chapter 7!

    Bankruptcy cost money more than likely $1K. Do you have that?

    My suggestion is your wasting your time and money by trying to file Bankruptcy. Florida is a notoriously debtor friendly state  . 7 years is a long time I suggest you think about your next move very carefully. Your  debt problems can be easily fixed compared to others issues

  2. If you want a brand new car again... you haven't learned your lesson.

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