What is the best credit card for an 18 year old that wants good rewards?

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No compare sites please




  1. Don't get a credit card, they are completely stupid.  Read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"

  2. The answer depends on your credit history. If it's good, check out,

    Citi Driver's Edge: 6% cash back on gas for the first 12 months, 3% after 12 months is up.

    If you're a student,

    Citi mtvU: gives points for things like good grades and paying your bill on time, plus each purchase earns points (1-5, depending on where). They have a good selection of rewards.

    For a nice list with itemized rewards:

    This is not a compare site. It is a forum, with discussions on the offers in each link and is a very good resource.

  3. forget the rewards. you are paying for them indirectly. concentrate on building a good credit score. use the card. pay off the balance monthly. if you can't pay off the balance stop using the card.

  4. None even though you get good rewards they still put you in a lot of debit. wait until your at least 25 because you should have a well paying job at 25.

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