Credit Score for an 18 year old?

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I'm an 18 y/o (Soon to be 19) college student that works 40 hrs a week (currently on summer vacation). I have a couple of credit cards that I have never been late or reached my limit on. I recently found out that my credit score is 638. My question is whether or not that is decent for someone my age. I realize that it needs considerable improvement, yet am I at least on the right track? If not, where should I be?






  1. 638 is not really bad, but the national average is 692. You should set your sites on being above average. Length of credit history is part of your score...and there's not much you can do about that except keep living and paying your bills.

    Different types of credit also play a part: auto loan, mortgage, etc. You haven't yet had an opportunity to get into those areas, but you will.

  2. You should read this article, they list several tips on maintaining and improving your credit score,

  3. I guess your balances should be pretty high on both cards, otherwise your score would have been substantially better.

  4. yea it is good mines not even worth sharing hahah, but its bc i havent had any credit cards, and just am overdraft fee at a bank i didnt pay for 2 months, but ur well off, just dont mess it up now

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