Two year old eviction on my rental record, yet awesome income and good credit, what are my options?

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I live in Georgia, and I want to move to Wisconsin for school and a new job. About two years ago, I had a horrible roommate who stole money from me, not paying the rent only to leave me stuck with the bill by leaving in the middle of the night with a stack of the warning letters he had removed and his key on the coffee table, or so he thought. After working with the management company, I have passed the collection off to him. I recently checked my credit and there still is no trace of the eviction on any of my three credit scores. I also make a great deal more money than I did since then and I pay all of my bills on time, (as always). Would I have any issues renting a new apartment in Wisconsin? If so, what can I do to better my chances? I do not have a co-signer, nor can I get one. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!




  1. As long as the eviction does not appear on any of your three reports then you are fine. You should not even need a co-signer of that is the only default or negative item you have ever had.

  2. If something is not reported on your credit score then it may as well never happened.  Being afraid of a "no" when asking for credit can hold you back more than anything.  I have learned to get over that fear over the years and see where asking in the past would have made my life a lot better when I was younger.

  3. If there is no trace of the eviction history on any of your 3 credit scores and you make good money, then you don't need a co-signer. You should have absolutely no problem renting in Wisconsin or anywhere else.  Good luck with your move!! : )

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