More than one way to pay via PayPal?

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After sending money via PayPal to an eBay seller after winning an auction item, I asked if my item had been shipped yet. The seller responded by saying, "When you pay by echeck it takes longer to clear."

I don't get it...longer to clear than if I had paid how? Is there more than one way to send money on PayPal? When I was paying, I didn't see an option to choose echeck or otherwise.

I don't deny that the payment needs to clear, but the seller made it sound as though I chose a slow way to if I had a better alternative. Did I?




  1. You can use a paypal balance (acts like cash in Paypal done by depositing money directly into paypal either through selling something or bank transfer) or credit card which would clear faster.  A check has to clear first.

  2. You can also pay with your credit card or with funds from your bank account.

  3. Echeck and PayPal are different payment companies.  Tell the seller that you paid by PayPal, his account ( and yours too ) should show that the transaction has taken place and it should take very little time.  The seller has to " accept " payment for it to enter his account.  The longest I have seen PayPal take is ten minutes, that is what is great about it, it is secure and it is prompt.

    You can access your paypal account ( sign in, as if paying - and click on " account " ).  It should show that you sent money, and to who it went.

    The seller can do the same thing, click on and " accept " the funds and they have their money.


  4. Some people just prefer to wait till they actually have the money- but most sellers when they see you have sent payment they ship out the item.

    By echeck I think that means the money will come from your bank account to paypal then to him. I think you can use your bank account or a credit card for paypal.

  5. Yes there are differences in paying with paypal. I have my check card set up in paypal and it makes the payments right away as it would if you had a credit card set up with it as well.

    In your case you have your account set up with your bank account information and it takes it as an Echeck with takes a few days to clear.

    EDIT: Garacaius sorry but you are wrong. As a buyer and seller on Ebay with over 900 transactions i have received and paid with both types of payment through paypal. Like i stated above its all about how you have your money going into Paypal.

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