Anyone know a job? that pays you? by cash,paypal..,or check?

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I just graduated middle school and now im 14, i want to make some cash for highschool.... i live in pittsburg.. is it possible if i ask fastfood restuarants? i can get a job? may be like a library?




  1. How about earning money online, they accept 13y/o and above. Try these few websites, they're Free and no scam.

    (1) (Earn money by writting short reviews on products, $1 per review, this is fun and useful plus you can make new friends)

    (2) ( they pay $10 for you to join and you just need to confirm ads)

    (3) (Pay you $10 to join and click ads and wait for 20secs)

    (4) (Pay you by clicking ads and wait for 30secs)

  2. We can help you to do some part time work for a website. Here is this free classifieds website they need someone for customer support and for some other assignments.

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