What is the best credit card for an 18 year old that has good rewards?

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Has a debit card

and please dont send the compare websites because i want an automatic answer!




  1. Since different cards or banks offer different rewards it would be wise to go to a compare website and decide which rewards you prefer. Are you seriously going to just take the word of someone on the internet about which card you should get. If so, I say Discover but thats just my opinion. Here's a link to compare If you so choose.

  2. Not what you want to hear but the best reward you can get is putting your money into savings and gaining interest instead of charging and paying interest. Those "rewards" are nothing but a sales tactic. You will save far more than the rewards are worth just by avoiding using credit.

  3. Probably a student credit card if you are still in school or are in College

  4. This is the fastest way to know, in dollar value, what each student rewards card will pay you for a given spending profile:

    Plug in a couple numbers and get an answer.

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