18 and looking to get a Credit Card.?

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I am 18 years old and I am looking to get a credit card to start establishing credit.

What is the best company to go through?

Thank you





  1. there are a couple of ways you could start building credit, you could get a small personal loan which you might need a cosigner or the best way will be getting a credit cards, you could get a credit card and use it for your every day expenses but make sure you pay in full at the end of the month that way it will show pay in full everytime the credit card company reports to the credit beuros. At the begining you will only be approved for the lower end credit cards but once you build credit in about 6-9 months you should be able to apply for a better card with better benefits such as free miles or cash back. Check out and go under bad or no credit section and you will find a few choices.

  2. It is sometimes difficult to get credit when you have no credit. If you do not have any prior credit history then I would first suggest getting a secured credit card.  You take your own money and put it into a account and that is your credit limit. You should make small purchases and pay off the balance every month, or at least keep the balance below 35%.

    By doing this you establish positive credit history and some banks will give you back your deposit after a year or 18 months of ontime payments. Then they convert your account to an unsecured credit account with them or at least offer you a credit card offer.

    Other than this I would try credit cards for people with bad credit, student credit cards.

    Rates can be any where from 0% for a period of time, to 25%, just beacuse your new to credit, so be careful and make sure you read the fine print before you apply

    Bank of America has a student card, and it is designed for students who have no credit, I would go with them, you do need a source of income though.

    You could also try Capital One, Hsbc, First Premier Bank just to name a few companies.

    Good Luck

  3. There are many cards available for students or persons with no/limited credit which provide a small limit on your spending. These cards can be applied for on line and will be free. Don't pay for a credit card! If one asks for payment, search another company. There are plenty of credit card companies who do not charge. Once you get a card (get only 1 for now) use it for small purchases. When you get your monthly bill pay this off in full for the first few months. After about 2 months of paying your statement in full, you will find your credit rating go up. It will take 1 or 2 months for your credit rating to be established. Just make sure you pay off any credit card balances in full for the first couple of months and you will be on your way to establishing solid credit. Here is a link to student credit cards you might want to research:

    The site has tips on the best card for your situation along with using your card responsibly. They also allow you to apply on line. Best of luck!! :)

  4. Check out

  5. Hey Matt: Capital one has a great credit card for people who are new to credit. Check out they have allot of cards there and you can compare them.

  6. Try going to the Orchard Bank Master Card site and signing up for a secured credit card. In other words, you send them $300 and they will give you $300 in credit. Even though you are borrowing your own money via a credit card, they report it just like any unsecured credit card. Make sure you buy something every month and try to pay it off every month. If you pay in full, it costs you nothing because there is no annual fee for the first year.  If you don't pay in full but pay the minimum, the interest rate is only 7.90%.  This is extremely low when compared to a loan that a local bank may offer you.  They will report your positive credit history to the three credit bureaus every month and as soon as 90 days after opening the account, you may find other offers flowing in. You should try to get at least one unsecured account but even if you don't, you will build a positive credit history via your Orchard Bank credit card. Make sure that you are making purchases and that you are making at least the minimum payment every month. If you don't do the first you won't build a credit history. If you don't do the second, you will build a negative credit history.

  7. that's not the best option

    you can go to a local bank or credit union and ask for a loan start paying your loan and maybe ask for a  line of credit or just refinance your loan  

    i think is better and depend on the interest of the credit union or bank  usually credit card have really high interest rates

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