What happens with my credit if...?

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If I don't pay a bill of $80 for a single physio treatment for a back pain.

The reason is that I did not like the way they plugged on some electricity on my back for half an hour, without coming and asking me if I can tolerate it or not. Nobody checked to see if I was OK with those electrodes, that were giving me an awful feeling on my back. The result was that my back pain got worse these two weeks, and I did not go back to continue with the treatment.

I don't think they are worth being paid.

Also they have my insurance company number and my data, can they ask for the sum without my knowledge?

How would this affect my credit score?





  1. You should have conveyed all of your concerns at the point of treatment not after.  Just because you didn't like the treatment doesn't mean you don't or shouldn't pay.  And you may think that they aren't worth it, but they are in business, and you went to them for service, they rendered the service, and you are supposed to pay.  I would tell them you weren't satisfied with there service and their treatment, and see if they offer you some sort of compensation.  If they don't, then find another place to go.  Yes, the can ask for the money.  If you don't pay, after a period of time, then it will go into a collection account, and will eventually affect your credit.  Not worth it, just settle now, and get it over with.

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