How do people m********e using a pillow?

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i read a question before and some one mentioned how they masturbated with a pillow and i was like huh? i mean i jus thort you used your hand and that was it? so how do you do it and is ther any other methods?




  1. 1) get a pillow and rub it against urself till u get a o****m

    2) put 2 pillows in one pillow case and put your ding dong in the middle and gogogo

    3) im out of ideas


  2. get a pillow...fold it in half..stick ur ding dong in the crease.....and move bk and frward.....

  3. http://www.homemade-s*

    Have fun.

  4. Alfie, don't be tempted to try this.  It can cause permanent damage to your p***s.  There are too many other things you can do that won't hurt you.  

  5. If it's a girl, your suppose to put it between your legs, grab each end of the pillow and start humping it. This is how you stimulate the clitoris to achieve o****m.

    If it's a dude, I have no idea.  

  6. why the fook would you want to shag a pillow?

  7. a pillow?? wow.

  8. i have a body pillow and that the only thing i would thing would work i dont but i would fold it in half and and then thrust it inside

  9. DO IT.

    just thrust the living h**l out of one.

    it'll get u off so quick :D

  10. i read tht question 2 lol...... i dunno.

  11. it would put rug burns on your p***s...

  12. take a pillow, lie on your side, fold the pillow in half and stick the petruding part between your legs and against your hard p***s, clamp legs sort of tightly...whichever works for you. PUMP! forward, backwards, forward backwards....

    it feels great lol

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