Will it feel better if i m********e now?

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im a sixteen year old dude.......and i started masturbating following the occurence of wet dreams when i was about to turn 13......i regularly masturbated like twice daily on average..........which i know is something normal coz every guy does it...

now here's the thing......a few months ago, i just wanted to test my will power and decided to stop masturbating completely for as long as i took a lot to resist ,and that included headaches, unexplainable irritation, and longer time to lose erections when i had sexual thoughts...but i somehow managed to go without masturbating not even ONCE.....

today is day number 105....and im thinking......if i get back to doing it now.....the first time i do it after these fifteen weeks of it gonna feel any better? do i need to expect anything different in terms of my mood,sexuality or feelings? thanks for ur serious answers.




  1. Yes. Once you m********e, your ejaculation process will feel SO much better then it did before just because its something you've been wanting to do for a long period of time and your finally get to do it. Starting to m********e again shouldn't change your mood, sexuality or feelings because it is nothing new. Well, actually in a way it well change your mood and feelings because you wont feel as frustrated or as horny because you finally masturbated and released all that sexual tension after all that time! haha.

    hope that helped dude!  

  2. Think about it, man. What good is not masturbating going to do? After reading your post, obviously nothing! So just wack away, it will the be the best feeling of your life.

  3. Yes... it will feel great...

  4. wow thats a long time...better get jerking

    have fun!

    should feel better but don't get your hopes to high!

  5. YES it will feel so much better. my boyfriend did this and he stopped for like 3 months and he said that it felt so much better and it shot so far. so if you want to i would say go ahead, its going to feel amazing

  6. Throw will power out the window and beat that thing like it owes you money. i would be frustrated too if I went 105 days without.

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