What makes little girls like a certain person?

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I'm very close with my neighbors. One girl is my age, we're best friends. The other girl is 12.

I'm here talking about the 12 year old. I have no complaints, but... whenever she has her little friends over, it's like they feel very close with me. They always come up to me and hug me. Even when I come over, the 12 year old feels very close to me. I understand, cause I'm really close to that family. ANYWAYS, why do little kids like me so much? Lol I don't mind, but I want to know what makes little girls like a certain person.

I'm 16.




  1. Basically, they see something cool in you!  Stop analyzing it!  Just kidding...

    If I remember correctly, its been a while since I was 12, at that age, you are just starting to come into your own, and youre hormones are starting to change.  You basically start turning into the woman you are about to become, emotionally, physically, etc.

    I think its about admiration really.  And you must be quite open if they feel really close with you.  That is what I was looking for at 12.  Someone who was smart, open, caring, and who paid attention to me, listened to me, cared about what I had to say.

    Its cool that you are such a cool person.  Im 30 now, but I truly believe that a person who is loved by children...must be a good person, because kids tend to go with their instincts a lot, and when they dont like a out, that person will usually prove why they are not to be trusted.

  2. 12 is not a little girl anymore but girls that age tend to look up to older girls.

  3. I bet its because you treat them like they are not just little pest to you. Do you listen to them and pay attention when they talk to you? Remember when you were 12 and there was a really cool girl that you wanted to be just like? You are now that really cool girl. Congrats!!

  4. You're SIXTEEN!! To be able to hang out with a 16 year old (besides the sister) is pretty freakin' awesome for them!

    I remember when I was 8 my sister was 13 and I though her friends (14 years old) were SO COOL. You're a role model for them, basically.

  5. They must think your pretty or fun. When your a kid you always want to be older and pretty and womanly. They must see that in you.

  6. Im 16 to, I work at a daycare with 4-10 yr olds, they really like me. They just start talking to me. They think its cool to be a teenager or something. Now when i go to the daycare, they get an d hug me. I love the little kids the best!! SO cute!! They must admire you, they are about to hit puberty,so just be a romodel to them.

  7. You are an older girl, and they know they will be teenagers soon too. You are still near enough to their age so they can relate. You are not impossibly old like their parents. And you must be tolerant or nice. It is a good thing, for them and for you. I hope you continue to see it that way.

  8. you're 16, of course they like you!! they respect and look up to you!! don't look into it too much, they just admire you!!!

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