Can any one recomend a motel/hotel that is very close to disneyland with low rates?

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I would love to stay at the disneyland hotel but it is to expensive! Can anyone recommed another motel/hotel that is very close to Disneyland with good rates? I have a 4 & 5 year old, so it is important to stay as close to the park as we can.




  1. If you're talking Disney in Anaheim, theres a place REAL close called buget in. Itis rooms aren't GREAT but they're good sized, clean,. nice bathrooms and friendly staff people. Keep in mind it ISNT a HOTEL. but, ive stayed there more than once and it's pretty cool.

  2. I just got back from Disneyland and we stayed in the Parkview, its right across the street from disneyland and next ihop. im sure its the cheapest there or my dad would not have stayed there lol

  3. This is a list of hotels around Disneyland, best bet is to check out rates (most of them have transportation to the park and back, probably for a fee or something) and compare which one you think is better

    It all depends on what days you are staying, and what time of the year you are going how the rates are going to be, so without that information, the link is all I can give.

  4. Go to the town of Kissimee there are lots of cheap places there

  5. there is a holiday in in kissimee very very close to Disney my family stayed there the night before we checked in to our Disney hotel, but you might want to stay at a Disney hotel, you get alot of benefits, its pricey but you get so much more from it, it makes your Disney trip way better.

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