My son China who is 9 comes home from school everyday bleeding and he won't talk to me or tell me what's wrong

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he often has bruises but won't tell me what happened? what do you think is wrong?




  1. Well let's first start with that name...

    I knew a kid named China and she was a girl!

    Really, I'm not trying to be rude or mean; but as a 14  year old girl, I think that name is atrocious!

  2. Ask your Daughter  SHINGHAI, she will tell you

    Hope this wuld have cleared your query

  3. Go to his school and talk to the principal.

  4. Your questions aren't funny, find another hobby.

  5. you can stop now, it is not funny anymore!;...;...;...

  6. Okay, enough with these ridiculous questions.

  7. 1. playing soccer or football

    2 getting into fights

    3. doing silly things at school

    i would go tell some one like the princiabal and tell her whats going on.

  8. he probably doesnt people to know his sons real name back to my answer bullies?

  9. he might be getting bullied. ask him about it

  10. Yeah this joke isn't funny at all.  But do you know what would be funny.  If it turned out to be real.  but its just a couple of nerds with way to much time on there hands

  11. get a life

  12. if you cant find out from him talk to his friends or his teacher

  13. Your Fault....You named him China, what did you expect!

  14. you shouldnt have effin named em china!!..

  15. yo stop with the country names not funny

  16. lol i remember when was 9, i got into fights everyday.

    so hes gettin into fights too.

    and whys his name china? is this a joke?

  17. let him do a martial art like kung fu so he can waste the bullies or show him a violent film and say mimic that when bullies attack you and my friend japan has the same problems at school or ur son mexico hit him with his sword

  18. I think your 8 year old son Mexico hit him with his sword.

  19. swishhhhhhhh, 2 points.

  20. He's being bullied, wait at the school and see who'e doing it, then take action.

  21. yeah....ur kids eh ? their names ring a bell..




    ...countries i guess these were the countries u never got to visit.

    ur name must be: Turkey

    and lets see ur sons school name must be international school for fakers .  why dont u go learn there

    its not funny anymore. go get a life

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