Has anyone used Vyvanse for their ADHD child?

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My son is 6yo and I was thinking of trying Vyvanse for him. It seems to get pretty good reviews. What do you think? What are the side effects?




  1. My son is 8 and started on Vyvanse this summer for his ADHD.  We had previously used Concerta and Adderal as far as stimulants and Statterra in non stimulant.  The Vyvanse is great.  he has had less mood swings with it as it doesnt have all the peaks as the others do, and he is a totally different child as far as behavoir goes.  It doesn't mess with the sleep pattern as bad as some of the others either.  The side effects are pretty much the same as with all of the stimulants but are less likely.  I understood when our doctor wanted to wait till it had been out awhile to get all the feedback and studies on it before prescribing it but I am glad he finally did, it is worth the price and our son is doing so much better and actually looking forward to school starting.

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