Do you think it's damaging?

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for a child who is 4 and a baby to move overseas for 3 years and then go back home to live? I worry about their schooling...and making new friends...I had thought that maybe they could attend the school the older ones at now....after we go to Australia for 3 years....they could return to UK and go back to the school my oldest is at would offer SOME familiarity...and ,maybe we could keep intouch with the school via postcards....




  1. Don't worry, my kids have been dragged from pillar to post in their short lives and they love new places and new people.  Time will tell I guess, but they're such great kids and so easy to travel with, and they feel at home wherever they are.  When they get older, like high school age I'd like to keep them in one place.  Your kids will adapt really easily and if you're excited about the move, they will be too.  Don't overthink it, you'll find you've gotten yourself all worked up over nothing.

  2. No thats rubbish. You will probably find the children adjust better than you do. The oldest will still only be 7(?) then, thats still really young.

    I was a forces child, never stayed in the 1 place for too long and I never had a problem.

  3. They will learn more from the university of life if they travel, have more experiences and opportunities. Sure it may be a little disruptive but I have loads of friends (whos parents were in the army for example) who travelled around when they were young and they have had a good education and have loads of friends. You don't want to look back and 'wish' you had done these things. Go for it, you only live once!

  4. i think your worrying too much kids change schools in less time then that all the time. they will be fine.

  5. Kids have this wonderful way of adapting to almost everything.

    Tell them that you're all going on an ADVENTURE and it'll be the best thing that ever happened to them.

  6. I don't think it's necessarily "damaging", no.

    Of course, it will be tough, it will be an adjustment period, but travel is a good thing, and new experiences are great for kids (and everyone else).

    Sure, trading post cards with the school is a cute idea; if you think that will help them feel more stable and helps them get adjusted, by all means do it :)

  7. when their like 9 or 10, they can call their friends and chat with them online.

  8. As long as your kids have a good attachment to you, no.  I moved from NZ to Fiji nine months ago (which is waaaaaay more of a culture shock than UK to Australia) with my then three year old nine months ago, and I've had absolutely no issues - even though he was very close to the daycare he'd been at for two years and my extended family.  He needs more Mummy time than he used to, but I really realised that at that young age that as long as the kids have you for consistency they're fine.  I've also been really surprised by how much he's able to remember NZ fondly without missing it.

    Just talk to the kids about it as much as possible, show them photos of whatever it's possible to show them photos of where they're going to go and give them time to say their goodbyes.

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