Disagreement with dentist over space maintainer. Help!?

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My 7 y/o had a space maintainer put in last August due to 2 of her teeth being pulled out. The adult teeth technically shouldn't have been in until she was 11-13 y/o. Well, they are now coming in and the one is growing right into the spacer maintainer band. It also looks as if her front teeth are being pushed out at an angle from the connecting bar. She had her 6mo. check up in June and the dentist said it looked fine and he'll check it again in 6 months. My husband was looking at it tonight and he said he thinks it needs to come out ASAP. The dentist isn't concerned, but we are and want it removed. The dentist is throwing the dental degree stuff at us and insisting he knows what is best in this situation. I know he has to remove it if we insist. What do you do? Do I go with my gut that something is wrong with it or do I take his word and pray nothing screws up her teeth more than it looks like? Sorry for the book and thank you for all answers!




  1. Get a second opinion.  Don't let your gut dictate everything, as you may be wrong.  However, that doesn't mean you should ignore it either.  Get another trained profession to give you his or her assessment and go from there.

  2. second opinion would be the best option, after all he is the dentist, what do you or i know about the growth of teeth

  3. Get another dentists opinion.

  4. I disagree about the doctor needing to be fired if he brings up the degree (as someone stated above).  No offense, but he DID go to school for dentistry.  He SHOULD know what he's talking about.  However, dentists are human and thus fallible.  Go for a second opinion.  It may mean having to pay out of pocket a little more (unless you go to someone who's covered by your dental insurance), but you'll at least KNOW one way or the other.

  5. Any doctor that throws the degree thing at you needs to be fired.  Get another dentist, if not, at the very least, get another opinion.

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